Cannabis seeds Secuieni Jubileu

Cannabis seeds Secuieni Jubileu


Secuieni Jubileu cannabis seeds

according to the EU variety catalog
• Cannabis sativa L. hemp seeds
• Regular hemp seeds
• Natural (pesticide and GMO free)
• Keeps for about a year

• Sexuality: Monözisch (mainly female,
Rest hermaphrodite)
• CBD rich, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes

• Sowing: April - May
• Germination temperature: 20-30 ° C
• Flowering period: 8 to 9 weeks after sowing
• Outdoor harvest: August - early September

• CBD average:
• THC average: 0.2%
• THC: CBD ratio:
• Height of the plant: medium to high
• Native: Northern, Central, Southern Europe
• Straw yield t / ha:
• Total fiber content in%:
• Grain yield q / ha:

• Our seeds are particularly well suited for; Hemp tea, scented pillows, lettuce, CBD tobacco substitute, CBD oil, hemp oil, drinks, for hemp fiber extraction, hemp ointments, hempsoaps, for soil detoxification and much more.

  • Details

    1. • THC content below the legal limit of 0.2% and registered in the European Varieties catalog. The hemp variety is therefore legal be grown (EU, CH). • Unsuitable for further seed breeding because the THC value for mutations and cross-pollination can exceed the legal limit.
    2. • Please note our FAQs!
  • Note:

    Deliveries to Austria; Max. 25 seeds per order!