KC Dora cannabis seeds

KC Dora cannabis seeds


KC Dora cannabis seeds

according to the EU variety catalog
• Cannabis sativa L. hemp seeds
• Regular hemp seeds
• Natural (pesticide and GMO free)
• Keeps for about a year

• Sexuality: Monözisch (mainly female,
Rest hermaphrodite)

• Sowing: April - May
• Germination temperature: 20-30 ° C
• Flowering period: 8 to 9 weeks after sowing
• Outdoor harvest: August - early September

• CBD average:
• THC average: very low
• THC: CBD ratio:
• Height of the plant: medium to high
• Native: Northern, Central, Southern Europe
• Straw yield t / ha:
• Total fiber content in%:
• Grain yield q / ha:

• Our seeds are particularly suitable for, for example, hemp tea, scented cushions, lettuce, CBD tobacco substitute, CBD oil, hemp oil, drinks, for fiber extraction, hemp ointments, soaps, for soil detoxification and much more.

  • Details

    1. • THC content below the legal limit of 0.2% and registered in the European Varieties catalog. The hemp variety is therefore legal be grown (EU, CH). • Unsuitable for further seed breeding because the THC value for mutations and cross-pollination can exceed the legal limit.
    2. • Please note our FAQs!
  • Note:

    Deliveries to Austria; Max. 25 seeds per order!