AURA NEEM Neemoil 1L.

AURA NEEM Neemoil 1L.


AURA NEEM Neem Oil 1L.


Neem oil, cold pressed & emulsified (water soluble).


Our emulsified Neem oil (also called Niem oil or Margosa tree oil) is a wonderful raw material for the production of soaps, natural cleaning agents and much more ... Neem oil is typically obtained from the fruits of the Margosa tree in southern India and used and valued in many products. Toothpastes, soaps, insecticides and much more are enriched with neem oil and can hardly be imagined in everyday life. Neem oil has been popular as a natural insecticide that is sprayed with water on the plant in India. According to traditional Indian recipes, it helps against spider mites, black mosquitoes, Aphids, frost damage & serve the farmers in India, once every 2 weeks, as a wonderful leaf fertilizer. For legal reasons, you can find more information on the WorldWideWeb.


Note: We have been fighting for an official insecticide permit for years. This approval is checked by the Federal Office for Agriculture. Keep your fingers crossed for nature!